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         "Perdu De Nature" is 2D Puzzle-Platformer where the player will explore an underworld to seek for his origin. The artistic direction was inspired by Moebius work, a french comics artist. This was a solo student project I made for my first year at ETPA Game Design School.

Game Design Post-Mortem

The game is an exploration 2D platformer in which the player will have to explore the heart of a forgotten and burried city to know its origins. The player will encounter different challenges, such as little puzzles in order to unlock the path, they allow me to challenge the player on skills as observation and logical problem. But the dexterity skills of the player will also be challenged through traps system present throughout the level. 

There are various mechanics present in the game that constitute the exploration experience that I wanted to create. The first is a pushable switch system on which the player has to place a heavy object in order to keep it active, accumulated with a system of stela that he has to activate in order to continue its exploration. I created small puzzles that would allow me to challenge the player reflexion and observation skill. The second main mechanic of the game is the trap system set up throughout the level, there are different kinds, some with repetitive patterns, some with detection area and others kinds. The trap system allowed me to challenge the player on timing, reflex and dexterity skills. I was able to create a short experience, with quieter moments of reflexion, and times of more intense physical challenge, going one to another. 

What has been not working

The Puzzle

The exploration phase related to puzzles is not very well exploited. The level design is not permissive enough and the different elements of gameplay shows in the order in which they must be used, the reflexion that follows is not very relavant enough about the real player's abilities. 

The trap system

The traps were functionnal, they were challenging the player on his physical skills, however they were not very permissive, the slightest pixel gap punishing the player, impacting the accessibility and experience of the game. 


PerduDeNature_exe.zip 230 MB

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